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Back to School Special
$49 for 3 weeks and a free uniform



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Birthday Party (flexible)

Schedule an active and fun party for your child!

  • Parties last an hour and a half, starting at noon on Saturdays
  • 50 minutes of martial arts instruction, kicking, punching, board breaking and games
  • 40 minutes for you to serve lunch/snack/cake.

A pizza parlor is conveniently next door and will deliver pizza on time, which you can purchase in advance.  Please call or email for pricing and availability

Private Lesson

Children’s Private Lessons

Private lessons can really benefit children who require extra advance training or help in focusing.
We will customize a program for your child to give them the one-on-one training they need.


Summer camp is offered for several weeks during summer school vacation. During camp there is taekwondo instruction and practice, games and arts and crafts. Camp runs from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Weeks may vary according to demand

Address & Contact


292 Elm Street,
Monroe, CT 06468

Phone: (203) 521-3193
E-mail: Somakim2007@gmail.com