team-k-logoTeam-K Taekwondo Demonstration Team was founded on November 05, 2012 by Kim SangPil and Amar Sinha. It is the official CT, USA, state Taekwondo demonstration team. Team-K is currently being coached by Amar Sinha (Team Director) & Emalee Rose (Team Trainer).

Team-K Taekwondo is divided into five divisions: the Krrish, Ra One, Dhoom, Boss, and Toofan divisions. Each of these divisions are under the parent team, which is Team-K. Detailed information on the divisions can be found here.

We would like to thank Master Kim BanNy for inspiring Coach Amar to create Team-K.
We would also like to acknowledge Team-M Taekwondo and K-Tigers Taekwondo for helping to inspire us as well.

Team-K Taekwondo Leadership:

Master: Kim SangPil
Coach: Amar Sinha – Team Director
Coach: Emalee Rose – Team Trainer
Krrish Division Captain Pro Tem.: Greg Dania (acrobatics [backflip, aerial, etc.])
Toofan Division Coach: Amar Sinha (Taekwondo battle)
Ra One Division Captain: Chase Brown (weapons)
Boss Division Coach: Emalee Rose (self-defense)
Dhoom Division Coach: Amar Sinha (modernised Taekwondo)